Link Bars

How Link Relations Are Implemented
1.51, 2007-06-17

More browsers are beginning to support link relations. These are links that may not appear within the page itself, but describe connections such as "Next", "Home", or "Glossary", allowing simple, consistent navigation for all web content that defines these relationships.


A simple client script to provide the link bar functionality missing in many browsers.

Firefox Site Navigation Bar Extension

For Firefox, the Site Navigation Bar, which uses labeled icons, a Document menu, a More menu, and a Links button that opens a sidebar listing all the links in the page.

Figure 1.1. Firefox's Site Navigation Bar Extension

Firefox Site Navigation Bar Extension
Firefox Site Navigation Bar Extension, Document menu
Firefox Site Navigation Bar Extension, More menu

Firefox cmSiteNavigation Toolbar Extension

For Firefox, the cmSiteNavigation Toolbar extension, which uses labeled icons, and several menus: Directories, Sections, Chapters, Bookmarks, Appendicies, Versions, and Infos.

Figure 1.1. Firefox's cmSiteNavigation Toolbar extension

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer requires the <LINK>-Bar extension, which uses unlabeled icons (link titles are used as tooltips), a [<LINK>-Bar] menu, and adds a popup blocker and a Google search.

Figure 1.1. The <LINK>-Bar extension for Internet Explorer

Mozilla SeaMonkey

Mozilla SeaMonkey uses a toolbar with labeled icons, a Document menu, and a More menu.

Figure 1.1. Mozilla SeaMonkey's Link Bar


Opera uses a toolbar with text buttons and no menus. The best matching link is used.

Figure 1.1. Opera's Link Bar (Windows)

Figure 1.2. Opera's Link Bar (Macintosh)


iCab uses a toolbar with tiny unlabeled icons.

Figure 1.1. iCab's Standard Links toolbar (enlarged)

Link Toolbars Layout

rel Mozilla SeaMonkey Firefox Site Navigation Bar Opera iCab IE <LINK>-Bar
Alternate (hreflang) MoreOther Versions: title MoreOther Versionstitle [hreflang] [Alternate]
Alternate (lang) MoreOther Versionstitle MoreOther Versionstitle [Alternate]
Alternate (media) MoreOther Versionsmedia: title MoreOther Versionstitle [media] [Alternate]
Alternate (stylesheet) (stylesheet menu) (stylesheet menu) (stylesheet menu) (stylesheet menu) (stylesheet menu)
Appendix DocumentAppendicestitle DocumentAppendicestitle [<LINK>-Bar menu]Appendicestitle
Author MoreAuthor(s) MoreAuthor(s) Author [Author, email address] @
Begin First First First (overridden by First) [First page] [First]
Bookmark MoreBookmarkstitle MoreBookmarkstitle [<LINK>-Bar menu]Bookmarkstitle
Chapter DocumentChapterstitle DocumentChapterstitle [<LINK>-Bar menu]Chapterstitle
Child Next Next
Contents DocumentTable of Contents DocumentTable of Contents Contents [Table of Content] [Contents]
Copyright MoreCopyright MoreCopyright Copyright [Copyright information] ©
End Last Last Last (overridden by Last) [Last page] [Last]
Find [Search]
First First First First [First page] [First]
Glossary DocumentGlossary DocumentGlossary Glossary G
Help MoreHelp MoreHelp Help [Help] ?
Home Home [Start page] [Home]
Index DocumentIndex DocumentIndex Index [Index] IDX
Last Last Last Last [Last page] [Last]
Made MoreAuthor(s) MoreAuthor(s) @
Made (rev) MoreAuthor(s) MoreAuthor(s) Author [Author, email address] @
Next Next (precaches, if possible) Next (precaches, if possible) Next [Next page] [Next]
Origin Top Top
Parent Up Up
Prefetch (precaches, if possible) (precaches, if possible)
Prev Previous Previous Previous (overridden by Previous) [Previous page] [Previous]
Previous Previous Previous Previous [Previous page] [Previous]
Search MoreSearch MoreSearch Search [Search] [Search]
Section DocumentSectiontitle DocumentSectiontitle [<LINK>-Bar menu]Sectionstitle
Start Top Top Home (overridden by Home) [Start page] [Home]
Stylesheet (stylesheet menu) (stylesheet menu) (stylesheet menu) (stylesheet menu) (stylesheet menu)
Subsection DocumentSubsectiontitle DocumentSubsectiontitle [<LINK>-Bar menu]Subsectionstitle
TOC DocumentTable of Contents DocumentTable of Contents Contents (overridden by Contents) [Table of Content] [Contents]
Top Top Top Home (overridden by Home or Start) [Start page] [<LINK>-Bar menu]rel: title
Up Up Up Up [Higher level Chapter] [Up]


All toolbar buttons use the first link that matches a button, except Firebird and the IE <LINK>-Bar which build a menu for the button if more than one match is found.

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